1.- Policy of Cookies

This web uses cookies (information about your pc and navigation that is stored in your hard disk) only to improve the relationship with the user with the intention of adapt to the technological media. User can refuse the reception through his browser.

2.- What are Cookies

Cookies are small data files that your pc receives from the web you visit. They store in the user´s electronic device and contain anonymous data which are not dangerous for your pc. They are used to remember user´s preferences, as language, access data or if you came from a banner. Our web uses the minimum cookies to assure your navigation is a good experience. Maybe can have links to social webs (as Facebook or Twitter). We don´t control cookies used by these external webs. For further information about those cookies, please check their policy.

3.- What use we put to cookies

Technical cookies: these are the strictly necessary to the right functioning of a web, as the used to keep open session, response timing or share contents with social networks.

Analytic cookies: they are used by our web to create a navigation profile in order to know the user´s preferences. We use cookies from Google Analytics.

4.- How to disable cookies

According to the law, we must to ask you for permission to process cookies. If you decide not to authorize the treatment, we´d use only technical cookies, as they are indispensable for navigation. In this case, we´d not store any cookie. If you continue browsing, it means that you accept the use.

Anyway, you must know that it´s possible to remove the cookies at any moment through the parameters of your browser.

Configuration of cookies in Internet Explorer

Configuration of cookies in Firefox

Configuration of cookies in Google Chrome

Configuration of cookies in Safari

These browsers are frequently updated, so we cannot guarantee that are suitable adapted to your browser version. May be too you are using another type of navigation as Konqueror, Arora or Flock. To avoid these problems, you can access directly from your browser options that is in the menu “privacy”. If you accept our cookies, we can improve the web, offering you a better access and a personalized service.

Also you can configure your browser to allow only webs you trust in to process cookies. Providing this policy, we pretend to show our commitment with legality and transparency, making you understand how and why we process your cookies. This policy is often inspected to keep it current.